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cloud is not fake news IBIS TechnologyHistory has a funny way of repeating itself. So, it may come as no surprise to find that this cliché applies as much to business cloud computing as it does to journalism and politics. For the last three decades, one trend for businesses has been loud and clear: big, centralized, on-premise systems are “out.” As the Digital Age rolls along, personalized, power-to-the-people, cloud-hosted virtual desktops are now “in.”

Despite this trend, businesses are often confused by the cloud. They hear news stories reporting concerns about data loss, security breaches, cyber attacks, internet connectivity, costs, etc. – but do these concerns outweigh the advantages of the cloud? Or are they just afraid of making the change?

In this post, we’ll explore 4 reasons why switching to cloud hosted desktops is the best decision to help small businesses stay ahead of the curve – not fall behind it. Before we jump into the debate, let's start by explaining the core concept. 

The cloud hosted desktop simply moves your current environment (that conveniently sits on or underneath your desk) into a virtual machine stored safely in the cloud.

Here is how the virtual desktop works. Each desktop in the cloud sits on a server dedicated to your company in secure data centers (see illustration below). Regardless of whether you’re accessing the virtual desktop from the office, at home on a laptop, or on a tablet or phone, it looks the same across all devices. Everyone is working on and accessing the virtual desktop from the same virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). This means no matter where you are, your desktop is totally accessible with just an internet connection.


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Depending on which cloud provider you work with, you may also get a fully-managed, secure and well-maintained working environment with access to 24/7/365 IT Help Desk Support for all your company’s users. The experience feels exactly as if you were on your local machine, but it’s even faster, more secure, and more reliable than your local PCs.


As our data repeatedly shows, migrating to reliable, secure and cost-effective cloud hosted desktops is an easy endeavor. The rise of cloud service providers like Microsoft Office 365, Google, and AWS has created a digital landscape with an unprecedented blend of immediacy, security and ease of use. This dynamic has increased the speed at which businesses move forward and has also helped spur a tidal wave of Cloud Hosted Desktops and Virtualized Desktop Infrastructures (VDI).



The statistics make it clear that moving your business systems to cloud hosted desktops is by far the most effective way to run your business. Here’s why.


Perhaps the biggest drawback during the initial days of cloud adoption was concerns about security. But today, more people have begun to realize these concerns are misguided. Cloud IT service providers actually deliver higher levels of security, backups and data integrity than traditional systems. Why? Because they make huge investments in the resources and technology – along with a skilled team of engineers and experts – that smaller businesses just can't afford to plan, buy, build and implement on their own.


After migrating to the cloud, you no longer need to worry about power requirements, space considerations, expensive computer hardware, or software updates. You get to keep your entire company focused on generating revenue and relationships, not dealing with IT issues and downtime.


Keep users connected – whether they are in the office or working remotely – with anytime, anywhere access. Users can access files simply, using any device. Also, saving and accessing files through the cloud lets your staff work from the same master documents and folders. That means no more risk of files being stored on any individual computer. Administrators can also set access permission controls that keep your data safe.


These days, you can improve your cloud technology while operating within a predictable budget. A cloud hosted desktop solution provides you with scalable computing power, while minimizing IT requirements, hardware and physical data storage, providing you with significant savings.


It’s likely that most small businesses are already using the cloud more than they realize – which is a good thing. But even with all the cloud power available, every small business should become more aware of the benefits of migrating to cloud hosted desktops and seek these options for their improved productivity as part of their competitive growth strategy. If you are exploring options, let’s schedule a time to meet so you can see it for yourself.


If you have concerns about moving to the cloud, you’re not alone. Almost every company we work with is exploring how to best leverage the cloud. That’s why we put together this insightful eBook, Ending the Cloud Confusion: Understanding Cloud IT, to help break through the tech talk and demystify the cloud.


To learn more about how IBIS Technology enables companies to migrate and manage secure virtual desktops in the cloud, schedule an assessment with us. We’d be happy to set a time to answer any questions and help you get started on your journey to the cloud.

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